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I'm posting this again with comments allowed.

I'm an Emo Thug. I guess you could say that.
I live in the drug center of Chicago, Il.
I used to be a member of the GD street gang
I've shot a person....
And I like Bright Eyes. Alot.
And The Postal Service.
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holla. postal service=love.
Today my sister was like "omg i heard new band they are so awesome, they are called the Traffic Police". I have never heard of them, and she likes crap suc as yellowcard, so i shrug and watching tv.

Thirty minutes later she comes up to me and says "Wow i got the name of the band way off! They're the Postal Service!"

Bright Eyes=<3
Reppin Bright Eyes, yo
you wher part of G unit haha. emo thug?